Bioinformatic tool for searching, visualizing and analizing molecular interactions information around a set of genes/proteins.



Calculation and visualization of the isotopic distribution from molecular formulas or the sequence of peptides, proteins, DNA, RNA and carbohydrates.



A web application to access to information stored in SysBiomics database which integrate data on gene, proteins, protein-protein interactions, biological pathways, gene ontology, miRNA-gene silencing relations and more.

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OMICS 2015

International Meeting on Bioinformatics and Omics. Varadero Beach, Cuba. Oct 27-30.


BIG DATA in Biomedicine

Big Data in Biomedicine Conference. Standord, CA, USA. Mayo 20-22, 2015.



23rd Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology and the 14th European Conference on Computational Biology at the Convention Center Dublin. Ireland. July 10-14.


For Internal Use


BisoGenet is a tool that allowos building of gene/protein networks containing information on molecular interactions and functional relations. BisoGenet project has a data component that integrates information from multiple source in a PostgreSQL warehouse. BisoGenet client was designed as a Cytoscape plugin, featuring an easy to use interface for querying the server component.


BisoGenet has its own database (SysBiomics) which is the support of the biological information used by this tool. This database compiles and integrates data from multiple public sources that include: general notes about genes and proteins (NCBI, UniProt), functional notes (KEGG, GO), interactions between genes/proteins (DIP, BIND, HPRD), among other informative categories. Access to BisoGenet is granted by a plugin created for Cytoscape, which offers a friendly interface. From this interface, users can introduce their data and specify searching and net building options. With this plugin is possible to display the results and interact with this information through the screens and panels of Cytoscape.




Reference: Martin A, Ochagavia ME, Rabasa LC, Miranda J, Fernandez-de-Cossio J, Bringas R. A new tool for gene network building, visualization and analysis. BMC Bioinformatics , 10:91 , 2010. [abstrac][full text]



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BisoGenet is running in a computer system kindly donated by INSPUR Electronic Information Industry ( Beijing).